2016 Election results- C-PAC Press release


May 26, 2016

The Caribbean-American Political Action Committee (C-PAC)
Announces 2016 Washington, DC City Council Endorsements Washington, DC – Members and supporters of The Caribbean-American Political Action Committee (C-PAC) have voted – via Survey Monkey – to endorse Vincent C. Orange for the At-Large DC City Council seat, and Leon T. Andrews, Jr. for the Ward 4 DC City Council seat.

The C-PAC leadership strives to inform and engage the region’s Caribbean-American community in local politics. Earlier this year, C-PAC distributed candidate questionnaires to a number of candidates seeking local office in Washington, DC and Maryland; responses to these questionnaires are available on C-PAC’s website and were distributed to C-PAC members.  Earlier this month C-PAC partnered with Peoples United Congregational Church of Christ (Peoples UCC) to host a Candidates’ Forum for those seeking the At-Large and Ward 4 DC City Council seats in the upcoming Washington, DC elections.  The forum participants included Ward 4 candidates Leon T. Andrews, Jr., Ron Austin, and Calvin Gurley; and at-Large candidates Vincent C. Orange and Robert White. The candidates responded to questions on a diverse range of subjects including juvenile justice, crime, health, education, community safety, commuter taxes, gentrification, housing, and the need for an office on Caribbean Affairs in the District of Columbia.