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Check out the photo highlights here: C-PAC’s  Annual Founding Patrons Luncheon in celebration of our 10th  year


By Dr. Rudolph Douglas

Sponsorship of students to C-PAC Annual luncheon is a long held tradition among members of C-PAC. The idea was first introduced by Dr. Goulda Downer resulting in a number of students being sponsored over the years. This year with significant financial contribution from Board Member Dr. John George; Dr. Downer, Dr. Roxanne Smith-White, and I; a record number of students from the schools, colleges and universities of the DMV region were sponsored to attend C-PAC Founding Patrons 10th Anniversary Luncheon. From all accounts, the students who attended the event expressed what a good time they had and how inspired they were by the mental and emotional energy flow that created a wonderful ambiance that pervaded the proceedings. Here are some of their comments:

“The C-PAC luncheon was a rewarding experience. I was astonished by the numerous Caribbean officials that are right at my fingertips. I hope to foster these relationships and to strengthen the Caribbean community here in the DMV as I serve as the president of DMV Caribbean Students Association. “Kimberly Crooks

“C-PAC Luncheon opened doors for me that I never knew existed. I was able to meet Ambassadors from various countries, gain advice from past Howard Alums and, of course, enjoy delicious Caribbean food. I now have a wider, professional Caribbean network who sees the need to give back as much as I do.” Shanay Saddler

“It was a very humbling experience being in the presence of such outstanding and impactful public and Caribbean figures. It was very inspirational to see the progress Caribbean people have made in America. I can only hope our generation takes this opportunity and continues this action for advancement in our social and political status. Hearing all the accents together in one room also made me feel a little closer to home. Our culture is rich and beautiful.” Anna Kaye Barrett. 

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